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hey, guess what, another new member. So, my name is Kelsey, i live in Iowa, and i would just like to say we are not all country hicks. I play oboe, and bass guitar, i just started taking lessons on the acoustic bass. I want to be in marching band, but i can't fit it in w/ jazz band and wind ensemble already in my schedule. I am going to be a sophmore, so maybe when i am a junoir i will be able to fit it in.
so, there is my lif story. How is everybody else?
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gets easier as your classes free up. Personally, I like marching band the best. You not only get better at playing because you have to play under pressing conditions, but you get excercise as you go! mwaha. Also, I understand about the State stereotyping thing. I'm from Hawaii, and you wouldn't believe some of the weird things I've heard from people. (do you wear grass skirts? Paddle to the mainland?)
do you wear grass skirts?, sorry, just had to get that in, lol. Well, i can see how you would get annoyed with that, mostly because i get annoyed with it. I hope it gets easier. oh yeah, i like the mwaha, it's cool.
It's pretty funny, but I've been surprised by some people's ignorance. They asked me if we paddled to the mainland and I got really sarcastic and told them there was a secret bridge from California to Hawaii. The scary thing? They went.."REALLY? wow! I've never seen it!" pitiful.
Im doin great!

...sorry, just thought Id reply with something
it's not what you wrote, it's the fact that you wrote...