Liana (volleyball07) wrote in band_nerds_usa,

hello hello!

Hi! One more band geek to join the bunch...

My name's Liana...I live in Kentucky, and we really don't have more than horses here...I play flute for concert band/wind ensemble, and I march bass drum...Then pep band I play piccolo...I'll be a junior this year...And I've been playing bass since this past December, (I marched cymbals this past year!) and I've played flute since 6th grade...When we could start...So uhmm hi y'all!
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cool.nice 2 meet i play clairnet, i have since 5th grade...when we could start. and ill b a freshman in high school.
hello! nice to meet ya too! where are you from? :)
im from yakima washington.
who have you been playing bass for? for school or just with friends?
eeek...Sorry, didn't make myself too clear...

I've just been playin bass (drum that is!) for school...I can't play bass guitar...
can i ask u something? how did u write in here? so that its just in here and not in ur other journal? or would it have 2 b? im kinda confused about this whole thing, im new 2 communties.
When you write a new entry, there is a box on the screen that gives you the option to what journal of yours you are entering in.
ooo, ok. thanks!!!