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did you ever notice how the band nerds tend to stick together. That seems to have become a problem for me, considering i don't date out of band, i don't know why, maybe because people outside of band don't tend to be interested about the practice i had today or something. Anyways, i have a problem of dating the boys from one certain group of friends, i mean, i'm in that group too. Well, i have one ex who really does not want to see me happy, probably because i hurt his ego after braking up with him, and he has a big ego, he is a trumpet player, if you know what i mean. but, i have dated one of his not so close friends, and with that guy he got in to his head and freaked him out a lot, well, let's say that relationship didn't work out. but now i am dating his best friend, and trust me, this isn't to get on his nerves or anything, i just really like him, but i'm afraid i'm getting into their friendship, and i'm pissed off at the same time because i know he is trying to freak out my current boyfriend by saying things such as he broke me in, i know, very piggish. I need some advice, do i talk to my ex, and try to get him to become friends with me again, or do i just let it slide, or do i mess with his life in retaliaton? Help me, please?
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