I have a plan: attack! (onehoureternity) wrote in band_nerds_usa,
I have a plan: attack!

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A message from the mod!

As usual...your mod has been EXTREMELY lax in her duties, and this journal hasn't been updated in almost 5 months. I seriously need to have a contest, or, in anyone wants to make a banner (that gets my approval and that of my band-obsessed best friends) and send it to me, I will make them a co-mod. I'm dead serious-I need someone with a smidge more time on their hands than me to help me run this stupid me. I'll have some more time this quarter, but once next semester rolls around, I'll be concentrating on trying to GRADUATE. The all-important ticket out of Podunk, NE. My e-mail address is arwenundovian88@yahoo.com, or you can comment with suggestions.
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